Mac Choudhry is a British-born photographer, based in the Bay Area.

With years of professional experience, Mac combines his love of capturing the perfect moment in time, with a skilled eye for portraiture and composition. His images evoke a timelessness—tender, honest, and graceful. Mac understands the importance of the present. In this digital age, it’s easy to forget to take a moment, stop, and enjoy it. Mac’s work reminds us of the significance of being in the moment. It is within these seemingly fleeting moments that the beauty of presence is revealed.

“Nothing matters more to me than seeing a family, friends, or a couple I photograph, looking back at one of my photos, remembering the moment of how they felt, what they were doing and where they were at that moment in time...it is the real driving force around doing what I do...capturing memories..."

A self-professed gearhead, Mac is a technology enthusiast and loves experimenting with emerging technologies and breakthrough techniques. His favorite subjects are his wife Sonia and his son Rayan.